Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ferrari 360 Modena

Ferrari's latest interpretation of the V8 sports car, the 360 Modena is a clean-sheet design anticipating future trends in Ferrari road cars. These trends include weight reduction combined with greater chassis rigidity. The new approach employs technology based on the use of aluminum for the chassis, body shell, and suspension wishbones. The exclusive use of aluminum, a first for a Ferrari road car, has enabled Ferrari's engineers to reduce the 360 Modena's dry weight by 100 kg compared to the F355 despite rather more generous dimensions resulting in greater comfort and storage space.

Performance has also improved across the board thanks to both a power:weight ratio 0.9lbs/bhp better than the car's predecessor, and the exceptional 3586cc 90° V8 engine providing 400bhp at 8500rpm and 275lb-ft at 4750rpm. The 360 Modena is the culmination of research and experimentation with the use of aluminum on everything from Formula 1 cars, to the 408 4RM prototype and the GT competition cars which were always fabricated in aluminum. The 360 Modena combines Ferrari heritage with innovation.

Ferrari 360 Modena introduction

Aluminum responsible for improving the power to weight ratio byt 0.9lbs/bhp. As a result, the 360 Modena is 0.8 of a second faster at 22.9 seconds over a kilometre from a standing start and has also cut nearly 3 seconds off its predecessor's lap time at the Fiorano track. The transmission features a longitudinal gearbox that allows larger diffusers to be incorporated on the flat underside. The 6-speed gearbox is available as a manual or with the F1 electrohydraulic shift.

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