Monday, September 21, 2009

Ferrari 456 GT & GTA

Any new Ferrari must improve upon the model it replaces, representing a more refined automotive product. In 1989 the final 412 left Maranello and in 1993 the last Mondial was built. In 1992 Ferrari released the 456 GT and GTA, and changed the perception of a high performance 2+2. Refined and elegant comfort and performance were the orders of the day, and the Pininfarina-designed body was as intensely beautiful as the car was luxurious and fast.

Sporting a 436bhp 65° V12 engine and either a 6-speed manual (456 GT) or 4-speed automatic (456 GTA), aerodynamics and handling characteristics unlike those of any other 2+2, the 456 was the ultimate 4-person conveyance. Some might consider it the ultimate in practical automotive design.

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